• Educational Equipment Ecological Chain

    Modern equipment construction
    Full School Age Solution

    We continuously improve the comprehensive strength of our enterprise, provide better educational equipment for the market, and create a warm teaching space.

    About us

    Devote oneself to serving education
    Intelligent education equipment

    Campbell has been deeply involved in the industry for many years, targeting multiple stages of higher education, vocational education, general education K12, and early childhood education. We are committed to providing users with safe and environmentally friendly, high-quality experimental and training equipment, logistics equipment, and teaching equipment research and development, production, sales, and service as a comprehensive enterprise.

    Company Profile

    Craftsmanship and Intelligence to Assist Chinese Education


    Honorary qualifications

    Teamwork together to build a collaborative platform


    Case presentation

    Quality first, serving more schools

    • TechnologyService Education

      The company has strong resource integration capabilities, has established long-term cooperation with well-known universities, research experts, etc., continuously develops products, provides support for education and teaching, and develops more intelligent, reasonable, and humanized educational equipment solutions.

    • Honor PrecipitationQualifications

      After 20 years of steady development and relying on efforts and achievements, the company has established a comprehensive enterprise qualification system and enjoys a good reputation in the industry.

    • QualityBuilding Strength

      The company's production base covers an area of 55 acres and has a modern production workshop of 80000 square meters. We adhere to the foundation of high-quality products and services and persistently improve the company's product strength.

    • Professional BusinessService

      The company has established a professional service team to customize modern educational equipment solutions for customers and provide professional technical support.


    Campbell uses craftsmanship to create products, a professional design team, and dedicated one-on-one customer service

    Scheme design ? Effect presentation ? Product supply

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